Digiskip forms better baseball/softball players by taking the guesswork out of coaching with analytics-driven alerts and drills.

By incorporating statistics teams already collect, Digiskip offers player and team-specific alerts to focus on development opportunities. These alerts - based on expert insight, app data, and machine learning - will recognize statistics that are lagging, correlate those to common issues, and recommend suggested drills to alleviate those issues. 


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Digiskip originated as a vision to help youth baseball and softball coaches make analytics-driven coaching decisions. Services like Gamechanger, iScore, and Pointstreak (among others) are fantastic apps that aggregate a ton of important statistics, but don’t provide the true meaning behind the statistics, nor do they explain how to improve player performance. Digiskip fills this gap by providing an informed coaching service through analytics-driven alerts and drills.


Digiskip uses a proprietary algorithm that takes the statistics coaches already collect and runs them against a baseline tailored to each individual player. If a player is above (or below) the baseline, then Digiskip correlates specific issues with what that player might be experiencing. Digiskip then recommends proven drills to correct those issues. Aggregating hundreds of statistics for every player, Digiskip provides coaches with recommended activities to improve individual player and team skills.

Planned Feature Upgrades

Digiskip is always increasing its functionality as a digital extension of the coach by adding new data and features to our platform:

  • More data sources to increase the accuracy and importance of our alerts

  • Advanced data science techniques to tailor each alert to the specific user

  • Expansion of our Stat/Issue/Drill Database

  • New features to enhance the user experience

User feedback on how to improve Digiskip can be provided by sending an email to


Coaching Tool

Digiskip does not claim to be a replacement for coaches, nor does it want to be. Baseball and softball will always be a sport in which experience and intuition play a huge role. Digiskip intends to be another tool in the toolbox for amateur coaches, parents, and players. Coaches have so much to deal with that takes away from actual coaching. Managing team parents, umpires, bus schedules, assistant coaches, star players who are too good for the team, inexperienced players who need more attention, and a whole host of other distractions limits a coach’s time allotted to coaching.

Data Analytics Made Easy

Analytics is hard to apply to your coaching without having advanced data science experience. Even if you do have the expertise, it’s time consuming to crunch the numbers. Don’t waste time trying to do it yourself. Let Digiskip take the guesswork out of incorporating analytics into your coaching decisions. Combining the insights gained from Digiskip with your knowledge, expertise, and experience will help your players and team improve their level of play.